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Websites for Lawn Care Professionals

Build trust and stand out from the competition as a lawn care or landscaping professional, with a professional website for your business.

We build your lawn care website

People hire the less risky option

When a potential client is looking for a service or product, they’re often consciously and sometimes subconsciously looking for the option that they perceive to be less risky. As your website gains traffic from agencies or potential residential customers, your website should help alleviate the fears that your clients have before hiring you.

People hire someone who understands them

I’ve seen the common mistake of companies talking about how great their company is and completely forget to talk about their potential customer’s needs. This results in the client briefly going through their website, just to end up calling the company directly for more information. More information that would’ve allowed the client to move further down the buying process, had it been on the website.

People hire who they know and trust

The reason why marketing works is that you allow your clients to familiarize themselves with someone who can help them. Whether someone is looking to improve their curb appeal, or whether a real estate agent is looking to hire their new lawn care specialist. Oftentimes people will reach out to the connection they’re most familiar with. That's why people buy Stihl and continue going to the same barber after many years. It’s because you know you’re buying products that are built to last, when you buy from Stihl, and because you can expect your barber to be consistent with your haircut.

Understanding your client's needs = $$$

To have an effective website, you need to be able to express that you understand your client’s needs, and pain points. Doing this will establish your company as an expert as far as your client is concerned, granting you the authority to prescribe solutions i.e. a more expensive material to remodel a kitchen.

So… about your website

Building a website for your business can be a great investment, or it can be a waste of money. It all depends on how the website is constructed, designed, and how well the content is put together. Having a beautiful website is only half of the war, the other half is won by its content and SEO.

Optimizing your lawn care/ landscaping website for search engines is important as it is the way your website is found online. By anticipating what your customer might be searching for, you increase the traffic to your website. This translates to more potential clients. The great thing about all of this is that we handle all of it for you. Schedule a consultation below, to see how we can help your business reach more customers online.

Let’s talk advertising on Google and Facebook for your lawn care/ landscaping company

With many lawn care/ landscaping companies still relying solely on traditional forms of advertising, very little are taking advantage of platforms such as Google or Facebook Ads to grow their business. We’re advocates of using both platforms to increase awareness and potential customers for your business. With people already using Google to search for businesses like yours, it only makes sense to become available on that platform.

Facebook, on the other hand, is a must, with Facebook ads making advertising as effective as possible, we highly recommend investing in this platform. This is because Facebook allows you to target your potential client down to very specific criteria, i.e. people that are homeowners, that are also interested in magazines about remodeling their home.

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